Annual Maintenance

Summer (start main growing season)


Mow Greens, rake bunkers, move Tee markers.

Tuesday and Friday
Mow Tees, and fairways

Mow Rough at least once a week including entrance.
Change hole cups
Collect/clean range balls and mow driving range, maintain driving range area

2 Weekly
Divot Tees
Put up dust bins after implementing course recycling policy

On- going
Fertilise Greens every 4 weeks or as needed
Top dress/verti-cut greens monthly on a Monday through summer
Spray greens as needed
Clean area under air gun
Edge bunkers
Paint markers, Distance markers, Tee markers, stakes.
Water greens/tees with automatic irrigation system as required.
Hand water greens as necessary.
Replace rakes/flags/markers as required.
Strimming of long grass as needed around lakes/ditches and other areas.
Spray pathways, around trees, car park area, steps as needed
Clean bins/ball markers
Pencil Tine greens every 6 weeks or as needed


Brush Greens when possible, mow greens once a week where possible
Leaf blowing off greens/tees/car park area
Clean bins/ball markers
Change hole cups once a week
Tree planting/maintenance
Pencil Tine greens as needed
Maintain flower beds

Annual operations
Fertilise/spray fairways, Tees early summer and as needed
Hollow Tine greens September/February

Winter operations
Repair golf course equipment, including mowers, buggies, hand held implements, range equipment
Empty sediment pit for where clean mowers
Carry out maintenance of irrigation system

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